Here is Joseph Joestar, recently beaten up by his loving grandson and the grandson’s piece of shit boyfriend.  Wow.  Time to hobble around outside, hands pocketed as he makes his way out of the lod—… aw.  Look at that.  It’s a cute little squirrel!

The last time he had seen a squirrel… wow.  He really didn’t want to think about that!  Time to take a step closer to the lil’ thing, though, holding out his hand and making kissy noises.

"Heey, hey lil’—"

Ah yes, instead of looking up at him and scampering away, the squirrel’s just going to look at him, before unhinging its jaw and letting out a roar.

Oh.  Yeah.  That was definitely the same squirrel from last time.  Joseph will now let out a graceful screech as he turns on his heel, booking it as fast as a nearly crippled man can, with a demonic squirrel chasing him just about as fast as he’s running.  What a sight this must be!


If he legitimately does make Joseph unhappy, then he’ll cut the crap right then and there. For now, most of what he says and does to the big guy are done just to get a rise out of him. It’s become his pastime. A very fun pastime at that. No. Cute. “Good.” There’s pride in that. “Wait. You’re actually going to think about it? Really?” Levi can’t tell if he’s excited or worried. Joseph doesn’t seem like the guy to actively participate in stealing others’ clothing.

Like a cat, he received those little shows of affection well. For someone with a temper of his own, he does well with cooling Joseph’s jets. It’s funny. Really funny. He can’t say that it’s not a good trait to have, considering how ready to jump the gun his partner can get. 

"Panty raids are lewd as hell. Why would he throw around flyers advertising one so openly?" A tilt of the head. Oh. There it is. Joseph Joestar’s rosy cheeks.


"I’m not saying that I don’t like it." A pause. "You’re really cute."

Nah, Levi will just be stuck with a huffy and whiny manchild.  Joseph’s so easy to rile up, it would be hard not to find enjoyment in his reactions.  What a strange relationship.  Still, no matter how huffy Levi made him, Joseph couldn’t help but laugh at some of the things he said.  That being one of them.  ”God, no.  I’m kidding, I ain’t gonna steal panties with ya.  One time deal.  We’ll find another weird date.”

While Levi plays the role of resident cat, Joseph will play the role of the needy puppy, made evident by the fact that he now rolled over on his back, looking up at his partner and pursing his lips, hands folded on his stomach.  Look at him, so calm, all because of Levi’s presence.

"I dunno, don’t ask me.  Haha, I’m just wonderin’ who did start all o’this.  They must be pretty damn proud of themselves.”  A pause, before he raised an eyebrow as Levi’s words registered.  He’s…

Oh no, there goes the color in his cheeks intensifying.  God dammit.

"… S-Stop that.  Yer bein’ a dick."

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monomiservice whispered:
Special delivery! Looks like someone has been thinking about you! A box, one of that which resembles a jack in the box awaits your arrival. Be careful, when you open it a boxing glove shoots out and will hit you in the face. Merry Christmas!

Wow, a jack in the box!  He hasn’t seen one of these since he was a kid!  And like a five year old, he’ll just twist the handle and stare at it in awe.

He’s humming along to the tune, an excited grin spreading across his expression as the song begins to come to an end, before… POW!  Wow.  Wow.  He’s just going to put that good ol’ box on the floor and give it a good stomp.

Goodbye, Jojo.

monomiservice whispered:
Special delivery! It seems someone thought about you this Christmas! A new scarf, just like your old one, except black and grey is wrapped up in a neat little bag with your name on it. Merry Christmas!

… Oh!  Upon opening up the gift, he couldn’t help but admit that he was pleasantly surprised.  His little shit of a boyfriend had stolen his old scarf.  and this matched up with it pretty well!  … Well.  He wished it had some color, but… the gift is nice in itself.

With a smile and a content hum, he’ll just throw that scarf right on.  Cozy!


deekinscalesinger whispered:
Wowza, Joseph! There's a kobold standing right in front of you, a box in hand! Inside, there's an autographed copy of his newest book, The Sword of Yaoi Chronicles: Book One: The Awakening! Inside the front cover, in scratchy letters, is a dedication: 'deekin think you make very good vampire second-in-command! Merry Kristmas! (or maybe cristmas??? deekin not know which be right and he not gots time to check... he be very apologetic if he be wrong)'

… Oh.  Wow.  He didn’t actually expect the weird story to actually make its way into book-form, but here we are!  With knitted brows, Joseph would take the gift, letting out a small ‘huh’ as he looked over the inside.

"… Uh.  Thanks."

Well, yeah, sure, the book was really weird, and so was the thing handing him said weird book in the first place, but… this whole thing was actually pretty sweet.  With a chuckle, he slowly spoke.  ”… I’ll be sure t’read it n’tell ya what I think.”  Aw.

Hmph.  Figures the Monoclaus gig would be bullshit.  Two plastic rings were simply tossed to the side, before turning his attention to the other gift.  He didn’t remember asking for anything else, what could it be—…


Cheeks are flushed as he carefully holds the gift out of sight from anyone.  No one must know he intends to keep this.  But for what…?  Hm…



Merry Christmas and Happy new year~!! <3<3 

I wanted to open this blog with something decent~ Here you have a Joseph~ *huye*

platinumstardust whispered:

Battle intro: "I might be yer gramps, but I don’t fight like an old man!"
Victory: ”Y’had that one comin’, “Big Stinky Gay”!”
Defeat: ”Shit, no fair!  Rematch!!”
Assist: "Let’s do this together, before I throw y’down th’stairs fer gettin’ yer ass kicked!"

kureijiidaiyamondo whispered:

Battle intro: "I’ll teach ya how a real man fights!  Ain’t that m’job as yer dad?"
Victory: ”We’ve got some trainin’ t’do, kiddo.  Come on, get up!”
Defeat: ”Hah, looks like I don’t gotta teach ya after all…!”
Assist: "Yer too soft.  We’ll fight ‘em together, Josuke!"

prudentias whispered:

Battle intro: "Ain’t you Eren’s ma?  I dunno if I’d be okay with fightin’ someone who’s raisin’ such a fuckin’ pansy."
Victory: ”Dammit, I feel bad beatin’ a lady.  Gimme yer hand.”
Defeat: ”Hah, didn’t see that one comin’!!”
Assist: "By protecting you, I’ll protect Eren!!"